Bloom with Facial Mists

When it’s time for you to bloom the cosmetic industry offers a huge selection of beauty lotions and potions.

  • With so many cosmetic lotions and potions on the market it can be very difficult to pick out the best ones.

One cosmetic product that everyone needs is a good facial mist.

Best uses for Face Mist:

  1. A great use of face mists is to use it to set makeup
  2. Face mists are also great help for calming skin.
  3. Hydrate and replenishing moisture
  4. Boosting skins radiance
  5. Great for calming skin irritations.

Face mists have been called Beauty Lifesavers.

A good face mist can take your skin from looking tired and dull to bright and dewy in an instant.

 water face mist best

La prairie – Luxe Cream  |  Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray   |  Loccitane – devine cream  |  Eve Lom – Hand Creame

Its all about making your Makeup Behave:

If you’re like me there are times when you apply makeup and suddenly discover that there is a boo-boo appearing underneath, for me it’s usually dry skin, instead of trying to fix it by applying more makeup or using oil/moisturizer, the problem and its side effects can be quickly and easily corrected with a spritz of a water facial spray.

I find that when applying foundation it highlights the drive patches and blemishes so rather than trying to blend it with a facial oil or moisturizer that will cause it to separate, simply using water-based facial spray to missed a layer of water over your face followed by dabbing concealer or foundation will allow you to restore moisture skin and property concealed area.

Yes it is really all about proper skin hydration

When we drink water it reached the skin from the inside out, in fact the skin is the last stop before moisture leaves the body. Your skin will always benefit by hydrating with a water based facial mist spray. No mater how many people claim “drinking lots of water” is what makes for clear skin. For me I find it impossible to drink enough water to completely hydrate my skin from the inside, water based facial sprays give my skin the boost it need to look its best

Skin Hydration Tips

  1. I was surprised when I first heard that long, steamy showers tend to strip skin of its moisture and will wash away your skins protective oils, so keep your showers short and not so hot!
  2. If you do have dry skin it is still recommended that you exfoliate your skin to reduce flakiness and remove dead skin cells. Avoid scrubs and exfoliating washes that are designed for more oily skin, they will make your skin dryness worse. Choose scrubs designed for dry skin.
  3. Hydrating Facial Masks are great. When your skin needs a boost in deep hydration choose masks that water based not oil based. Oil based masks may clog your pores, give you spots and blackheads.
  4. Use a good Moisturizer Actually you should use 2 different moisturizers.  “Day” Moisturizers should be light and used to prepare your skin for make up coverage – choose light to avoid making your skin look shiny and oily. Your “Night” Moisturizer should be heavy and designed to penetrate deep into you skin. Make sure not to choose an oil-based moisturizer and make sure it’s very gentle on skin and contains no perfume or soap like ingredients.
  5. Remember to hydrate from the inside out. To clear spots and hydrate skin, drink lots of water every day, around 2 liters should do it. Improve your diet, skin problems can be caused by a poor diet and having your vitamins out of balance. Eat lots of fruit and protein and get some exercise.
  6. Always keep some water based facial mist handy and use it throughout the day to refresh your makeup!